Rangers, Halladay watch

Yes, the Rangers are interested in Roy Halladay. There has been dialogue between the two clubs and the Blue Jays are scouting the Rangers farm system.

The biggest obstacle is the Rangers being able to take on Halladay’s salary. Another obstacle is the Blue Jays need a shortstop. Word is they want Elvis Andrus. Who wouldn’t? It’s unlikely that will happen.

Rangers officials term it a “longshot” in being able to land Halladay.

— T.R. Sullivan

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  1. tionseo@hotmail.com

    I am glad that the Rangers are looking forward to Roy Halladay. After all, the conversation between the two clubs is more than enough to settle this deal in my opinion and I couldn?t think of a better idea than Blue Jays scouting for the Rangers farm system! However, it seems that just like always there is a hurdle for them and that is the fact that the Blue Jays capable of taking on Halladay?s salary! Burton snowboards

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