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Jocketty: Nothing has changed

Reds manager Dusty Baker heard about trades today involving Julio Lugo from Boston to St. Louis and Adam LaRoche going from Pittsburgh to Boston. He was asked if GM Walt Jocketty had brought anything up to him about possible Reds deals in the works.

“No, we’re not close on anything. We’re looking,” Baker said.

Are the Reds still hoping to make additions, rather than subtractions?

“I hope so. That’s where my mind is at,” Baker said.

Jocketty said the Reds’ rough run lately hasn’t altered his mood from buying to selling.

“Nothing’s changed,” Jocketty said. We’re still trying to improve the club. We’re not looking for any short term fixes. I think if we do anything, it would probably be closer to the deadline because that’s where these things seem to develop. I’m going to try and do something that’s going to improve the club for the long haul.” 

The Reds are still seeking a bat to improve the 14th ranked offense out of the 16-team NL.

“We need someone to help pick up the pace and pick up the production,” Jocketty said.

— Mark Sheldon

Baker, Arroyo on the Deadline

Starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo wants Reds management to keep this team together and not sell. He knows the situation and it’s been reflected in his performance. Arroyo has thrown 16 scoreless innings over his last two starts, including seven scoreless for a 4-0 win over the Brewers on Friday.

“We’re on the brink of sliding downhill or fighting our way back into this thing,” Arroyo said. “Every game for the rest of the year is going to be huge for us. Everybody knows July 31 is always around the corner and looming. We want to continue to keep this team together. [Manager] Dusty [Baker] said in a meeting the other day that if you continue to win, they can’t remove pieces.”

When asked about that meeting on Saturday, Baker said ithe Trade Deadline is a natural thing to think about this time of year.

“It’s something on every team’s mind at this point,” Baker said on Saturday. “There are buyers and sellers. The closer you are in the race, the tighter things are, you’re more in buying mode than selling mode. Everybody has a budget. Some budgets are larger than other budgets.”

Baker wasn’t trying to indicate the Reds were on the brink of doing something – either way.

“That’s something that I tell every team I’m on, not just this team. I always say that every All-Star break. The Trade Deadline is only two weeks away. It wasn’t something that pertains to this team. It’s just a fact that’s true.”

— Mark Sheldon