Brewers closing in on Halladay?

The Brewers made a lot of headway last year when they pulled off a deal that brought CC Sabathia to Milwaukee and rode the stud left-hander all the way to the postseason. According to, the Brewers seem to be in good shape to do that again — only this time with Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay.

The site’s Jon Heyman said the Brewers are seen by baseball executives as a “new serious player” for Halladay, and Heyman said they could be a threat to land the righty because of their well-stocked farm system and aggressive nature.
Two Brewers executives, Gord Ash and Dick Groch, scouted Halladay’s last start on Sunday, according to, which added that Milwaukee could put together a large package that includes 26-year-old lefty starter Manny Parra.
“We’re going to be aggressive,” one Brewers person reportedly told, without mentioning any names.
The question, however, is whether or not Milwaukee would be willing to ship out a large slate of prospects for the second straight year. Last season, general manager Doug Melvin sent Matt LaPorta, Zach Jackson, Rob Bryson and a player to be named later to the Indians for Sabathia’s services.
One drawback about the Brewers is that they have Spring Training in Arizona, not close to Halladay’s Dunedin, Fla., home, an acquaintance of Halladay told
— Alden Gonzalez

One comment

  1. coachone2

    I am a phillies fan and I live in philly
    we dont need roy halladay
    not for the price toronto is asking.
    they can keep him!
    just let the trade deadline get closer, they’ll trade him!
    what are they gonna do keep him? toronto is not winning anything. They still have to pay him and you are still losers
    keep him!

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