Dodgers Still Want Halladay

Although the Dodgers missed on Cliff Lee, the fact that they were willing to offer the Indians a package of their top prospects gives some in the organization hope that they will make a similar late run at Toronto’s Roy Halladay, even though claims the Dodgers have crossed Halladay off their “wish list.”

The Dodgers have made it clear they will not trade Clayton Kershaw or Chad Billingsley. But a week ago general manager Ned Colletti indicated that the Blue Jays wanted either two or three players off the Major League club, including one of the two starting pitchers, or a package of five or six prospects. lists those prospects as “outfielder Andrew Lambo, right-hander Josh Lindblom, third baseman Josh Bell and right-hander Chris Withrow.”

With the acquisition of Lee taking the Phillies out of the picture as an acquirer of Halladay, the Dodgers might be in the strongest position to satisfy the Blue Jays with prospects. That deal also could include former Dodgers reliever Jason Frasor, which would also satisfy the club’s need to improve the bullpen. Otherwise, Baltimore’s George Sherrill remains at the top of that Dodgers wish list. — Ken Gurnick



  1. ragmannv

    Dodgers need to trade a couple of top Isotope pitchers – like Stults and Schlichting plus a few lower prospects for Hallady

  2. Jays Contention

    Anyway you look at it, the Dodgers don’t have enough for what the Jays want and since the top prospects that the Dodgers have that they don’t want to trade anyway, 0% chance of happening.


    Of course you don’t want any Dodgers in Toronto. That would mean you might win some games eventually. When I see stupid comments like that one, it makes me glad I don’t live in Canada, or what we like to call “our retarded little brother.” You should be so lucky to get some Dodgers, you idiot–but then they won’t be Dodgers anymore, now will they?

  4. bestdodger

    I guess Halladay is going to be acquired by the DODGERS, whether Mr. RetardedLaw4 likes it or not. By the way who cares about what a person like him thinks, well if he has ever used his brains. Perhaps he does not know that Baeball is a sport of strategy, and the moves that a GM makes, will lead the organization to success, of course, with the help of the Manager and players.


    Oh lord, just because some dork makes a comment about not wanting Dodgers in Toronto why do people feel the need to make “retarded” Canada comments.

    Believe it or not we have some intelligent baseball fans up here and to lump an entire country together because of one comment only shows your (lack of) maturity.

    Back to topic, I’d love to see 5-6 prospects coming back for Halliday (as rumored). I don’t remember reading if the Dodgers were on his wish-list or not however. It’s too bad we couldn’t get Kershaw as part of the deal though. I’d feel a bit better about losing Halliday with that kid coming north to the retarded little brother country to the north.

    Would also be easier to sleep at nights knowing I wouldn’t have to see him in Pinstripes or a Sox uniform.

  6. danb32958

    Halliday in LA would be a great fit and might be that missing peice the Dodgers need to get past NLCS. LA has the prospects to trade and Halliday wants to go to a winner. As far as the Jays fans that dont want Dodgers in Toronto,you sould read the Jays site blog some time. Alot fo them are out there.. I dont think they realize that thre are very few players from Canada in the Majors

  7. danb32958

    Halljday said if a deal isnt done by Spring training he would use his no trade clause and nix and deals druing the season and become a free agent. Then is see the Toronto GM on MLB TV saying that he dosnt fee a need to trade Halliday at the winter meetings and felt he could wait for the season and trade him to a contender at the deadline. Sounds like they have some wires crossed up there. or he thinks Halliday is bluffing. Thats one Bluff i wouldnt want to call as a GM.

  8. bluetail

    Ok ned how about this trade chad and lony and russel martin.Then we can have halladay and possibly overbey.Then we aj ellis waiting in the wings.

  9. giantleaf

    I too, reside in Canada,relatively close to Toronto…Roy Halliday IS the best pitcher in the American League.. the Dodgers can send as many prospects as they can to get this team kick started again..I would welcome the young players as Jays…But my heart lays in FRISCO

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