Ryan confirms Rangers-Blue Jays talks

Rangers president Nolan Ryan confirmed that the club is talking to the Blue Jays about Roy Halladay.

“We’ve had discussions with them yes,” Ryan said. “Nothing has been done. It’s been going on for awhile and there have been names talked about. There hasn’t been a deal struck and it’s still premature to make a prediction whether it will happen.”

T.R. Sullivan



  1. hubz

    Can there ever be two cooler heads & poker faces in a Baseball Org, than Daniels/Ryan? “The Trade” will be Hallmark, if it does come to “the close” ~ A Classic…

  2. gorangers127@aol.com

    if the rangers make the halladay deal, it will be one of the dumbest trades in history. the Jays are going to want a bunch of young talent and the rangers dont have $30 million just laying around.

  3. texasfan22

    Uhhh, when is the last time the Rangers made the playoffs? Too long for me as a fan. I’m still upset about the 96 playoff loss to the hated Yanks as I was there front and center watching at The Ballpark as punk*** Yankee fans celebrated in front of me in a game 4 punchout (tickets wasted mind you for game 5). Still upset at the 99 loss to the Yanks in which my door become a whipping post of frustration in a 3 game sweep. Aren’t we tired of Yankees and the like getting proven players and not worrying about prospects that may or may not prove their worth in the bigs. We’d be dumb not to snag opportunity while it’s in front of us, take down the AL West, make the playoffs, and hell, finally beat the Yankees at their own game. Please Mr. Daniels, please Mr. Ryan, please Mr Hicks, make this deal happen.
    Sincerely, Long-time fan and fellow Texan
    Mike Hall

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