Doubtful Doc will make housecalls at Fenway

With t-minus two weeks until the trade deadline, Red Sox fans shouldn’t waste time having thoughts about a postseason rotation of Halladay-Beckett-Lester. The price — major prospects, not to mention the money to sign Halladay long-term — figures to be too steep for Boston’s taste.

The Red Sox strongly believe in building around their core of prospects instead of dealing them away.

Besides, GM J.P. Ricciardi — according to several reports — told both the Red Sox and Yankees that the price for them would be significantly steeper than a non-AL East team, which makes perfect sense.

Here is Epstein’s take on trying to trade for an elite starting pitcher, without mentioning Halladay by name:

“It’s always tempting but it always comes at great cost. When you do it through the free agent market, it comes at tremendous risk in terms of the years and dollars you have to spend and if you do it through trade, it comes at tremendous cost – your best and most promising prospects – the core of your organization in a lot of ways.”

“The only way to do it that seems to make the most sense every time is to develop them from within. We’re lucky that we have a talented starting pitching core here that’s doing a great job and has kept us where we are in the standings and a lot of talented young pitchers in the Minor Leagues, one of which is going to pitch here tonight for the Big League club, to fortify the organization going forward. We’ll see what happens on the trade front. Things are always tempting but those temptations always come at a cost.”

Ian Browne


  1. dibo

    Come on Theo, why don’t we do a three way deal since teams like the Mets and others have expressed interest in Lugo, perhaps a 3-4 way trade with some of the other teams for Halladay, Lugo may work for us. He would be great in our rotation. Penny and Smoltz and Lugo are all trade options—you have not expressed any long term committment to either of those two pitchers, perhaps Toronto and Mets will deal a 3 way? —–observations and comments welcome–diehardbostonfansince1969 and proud of it!!!!! Get creative Theo!!!!!!!!


    Rays fans, what do you think about Kazmir, Wade Davis, Kapler and Beckham to Toronto for Halladay and Wells ?

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