Tribe trade talk

His team is the subject of much trade talk in advance of the July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline, but Indians general manager Mark Shapiro said he has “zero sense” as to whether or not the Indians will get a deal done.

“We’re extremely busy and active right now,” Shapiro said.

The two names on the lips of fans and writers alike are Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez. The Indians hold affordable options on both cornerstone players for 2010, and trading either or both of them before the ’10 season would be a tough sell to the fan base. But the Indians have to be open-minded about all serious offers for the Cy Young winner and the switch-hitting catcher because of the potential returns they could bring in.

That being said, if the Indians are active in the trade department this summer, it appears more likely that guys like Carl Pavano or Jamey Carroll — both of whom are eligible for free agency at season’s end — would be shopped. Reliever Rafael Betancourt can also be had, as the Indians aren’t likely to exercise his $5.4 million option for next season. The Tribe would listen to offers for closer Kerry Wood, but the $10.5 million he’s owed next year makes it doubtful that such offers exist.

Third baseman Jhonny Peralta and first baseman Ryan Garko could be deemed expendable by the Tribe, but those names, as well as those of Lee and Martinez, might be names to watch moreso in the offseason than at the deadline.

As far as how the deadline will shake out, Shapiro said the non-waiver component is perhaps less meaningful this year than in years past. Given the financial constraints holding back many teams right now, he expects the trades of very few players being blocked by the waiver system.

“This year, the [non-waiver] deadline is going to be far less relevant,” Shapiro said. “[The market] will probably be active all the way through August.”

What are the Indians searching for in the trade market? That’s easy. It’s pitching, pitching and more pitching.

— Anthony Castrovince

One comment

  1. amseeley

    any player without a guaranteed contract for 2010 is tradeable, plain and simple. And I include Cliff Lee in that category (regrettably) b/c he won’t sign here long term IMO. Shapiro is the captain of spin which will only anger the fanbase even more. Realistically, we cannot compete in 2010 with our current roster, front office, scouts and coaching staff but Mark will attempt to play the game of competing while developing if he is still here. Too many questions, not enough definitive answers.

    Pavano and Betancourt should be targeted by the L.A. Dodgers. Carroll would be serviceable to a plethora of teams. However, none of those three guys would garner a significant SP/RP in return. Any team willing to part with a box of balls and some bats can have the big baby known as Jhonny P. We are operating under poor assumptions, ineptness and smoking mirrors. Unfortunately, this team needs to be blown up completely. Get max value for Lee. Sign Martinez b/c he will give a hometown discount. And be prepared to lose Sizemore in less than three years.

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