Scioscia says Angels GM has been active

Angels manager Mike Scioscia reiterated Thursday that
general manager Tony Reagins has been active in discussions with other general
managers about trading for pitching depth, specifically in the bullpen.

“He’s been in contact with GMs the last couple weeks, I’m
sure on a daily basis,” Scioscia said. “There are a few things he’s looking at
that can make us better. But there’s also some things that could make us better
but leave a hole in our big league team that he has to consider.”

Scioscia didn’t name any players the Angels are after but the club has reportedly scouted Toronto’s Scott Downs and Brandon League, Baltimore’s George Sherrill and Arizona’s Chad Qualls.

Scioscia, though, said he wasn’t sure if a trade will happen
but said he’s fine with his current roster as it stands if a deal for a bullpen
arm doesn’t work out.

“It’s tough to say right now if we’re going to do anything that
is going to make us better,” Scioscia said. “If we don’t, then particularly in
our bullpen, we’ll have to rely on guys like [rookie Kevin] Jepsen. There’s
potential there but not the certainty that an experienced power arm could bring
to the mix. So if it happens, it happens and even if it doesn’t, we’re going to
play baseball and I like our team.”

— Rhett Bollinger



    Why does Scioscia n Management say that they r happy with the current roster, if they know they r not?
    This current roster has not done much past the 1st round, so how that been working for u Angels?
    We should give anything that Toronto wants for Halladay, like Wood, Hendrick, Santana, Saunders, Lackey, ETC it doesnt matter who? We need a real Ace.
    We need a 3rd basemen with power too?


    r roster is fine we would have to trade 2 or 3 of our players for a ace which will put us in a big hole we have been doing a gud job this year making the best of bad situations we still kan win even though we have inquires to key guys we dnt need other players it would help but are roster got us to 3rd best record in da league and ppl predicted us not to win r divison but were in first place now were a gud team and we kan only learn from r mistakes we kan use sum key guys but at wat cost i would rather keep the roster now and the inexpereniced players will get better as the season goes on we kan only get better we kant afford to trade away players

  3. pacafechef

    You’ve got to be crazy – this team if fine – we just need pitching.
    The idea of giving Toronto anything they want to get Hallady is really stupid. THe guy can pitch but he’s not the second coming of anybody.
    Keep the pieces that we have, and use prospects like Matt Brown, Budde, and throw in Izzy if needed to land a solid late inning guy, or another starter, like Kazmir.
    Put your head in a rubberband and snap out of it!

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