Cardinals acquire Holliday

A Major League source has confirmed that a deal is in place for the Cardinals to acquire Matt Holliday from the A’s in exchange for Brett Wallace, Triple-A right-hander Clayton Mortensen and Double-A outfielder Shane Peterson. ESPN reports that Oakland will send some cash to St. Louis to help offset some of the remaining cost of Holliday’s contract.

Holliday has long been a target of the Cardinals, who talked trade with Colorado over the winter before the Rockies shipped the three-time All-Star to Oakland. He bolsters the team’s outfield and offers the cleanup hitter that manager Tony La Russa has long coveted to slot behind Albert Pujols in the Cardinals lineup.

Holliday, 29, can be a free agent at the end of the 2009 season. His current contract pays him $13.5 million, of which approximately $6 million is still due.

Wallace, 22, was St. Louis’ first-round pick in the 2008 Draft and has rocketed through the Minor Leagues. He is currently playing at Triple-A Memphis. Mortensen, 24, is also at Memphis and was a supplementary first-rounder in 2007. Peterson, 21, was a second-round selection in 2008.

–Matthew Leach


  1. reds4me

    What kind of ******** is this. If the Cardinals are able to land a guy like Holliday, why are the Reds setting on there *** doing nothing. Basically, the market area for both clubs are about the same, but nothing gets done in loserland. What the hell is wrong with you Jocketty? We thought you were the bomb, but I guess you Dusty can watch the playoffs on the tube just like the rest of the dying Reds fans. This is getting so old it makes me numb to say the least. We are not going to win unless we go out into the market and buy or trade for the proper pieces, that is what it is all about, dude. Everyone of you in Cincy make me sick, including Sheldon who thinks that Mannymania is so f _ _ _ _ _ g great. Screw the drug addict, long hair piece of garbage. Throw at his head next time Homer, don’t hold back. CHANGE IS NEEDED IN CINCY, AND THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE OBAMA’S MAMAS CHANGE….THAT WE DON’T NEED.

  2. memphiscardinalcharlie

    I have been saying for over 2 years that the Cardinals needed Matt Holiday to bat behind Albert in the Cards lineup. Well, with great thanks to the Cardinals ownership and front office, we got him! And look at his first game in the “birds on the bat” lineup. Now, we just need one more reliable starter and we will be as good as anyone in the majors. We really need to go after Roy Halladay, Dan Hearn, or Jake Peavy. Add one of those 3 to go with Carp, Lohse, Waino, and Pinero and we would fly high!

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